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Women in Web3 Panel with Katherine Boiciuc STEM Queen, Lisa Teh and Liza Boston - Sisterhood Socials

Women in Web3 Panel with Katherine Boiciuc STEM Queen, Lisa Teh and Liza Boston - Sisterhood Socials

He looked at me and said “well… if I was you the best advice I can give you for your career is to go out there and marry a Chinese bloke”

I struggled early on (in my career) to look up and find women I aspired to be like. When I was (at the law firm) there were 40 partners and only 2 of them were women. Even in business today my role is business development and I find it challenging because many of the decision makers I have to deal with are men.

Last week we hosted our first Sisterhood Social IRL event. WHAT. A. NIGHT. Full of incredible insights, building friends not connections and belly laughs!

Here is what some of our attendees said:

“…such an amazing night, what a panel, what amazing women”

“…It was one of the best panels I’ve been able to attend”

We are excited to be able to share with you the recording from the night’s panel lineup.

There were so many golden nuggets from this podcast - we hope you enjoy listening.

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👋 The Sisterhood Social Lineup

Lisa Teh - LinkedIn

Lisa is the Co-Founder of Mooning (Web3 Marketing Agency), Founder of CODI Agency (Digital Marketing Agency) and Co-Founder of (a business listings & experts platform). Lisa is one of the 40 Under 40 Most Influential Asian-Australians.

Katherine Boiciuc - LinkedIn

Katherine is a global leader with extensive experience in the technology and emerging growth industries. Experienced across Consumer, Small Business and Enterprise sectors, Katherine holds influential roles focused on change that matters, ignition of leaders with ambitious agendas, global impact and world technology enablement. Katherine is also an experienced NFT and Metaverse Advisor and is the Director of Apocalyptic Apes


Liza Boston - LinkedIn

Liza is an early-stage, women-led VC Angel investor passionate about Web 3.0, NFT, DAO, Crypto, VR, XR, AI and gaming projects. Liza has designed, founded, led and scaled high-tech, hi-growth companies and creative projects in Australia, the UK, the USA and the North Pole, where she also swam with a Walrus.

🎙 In today’s podcast

💜 How STEM Queen has helped NFT projects become successful

💜 What the difference is between Web2 and Web3 marketing

💜 The importance of having an “NFT buddy (or Sister)”

💜 The structural changes needed in order to break down the barrier of entry for women in tech and Web3.

Plus… so much more.

🗝 Key questions asked:

⭐️ [To all] With only 8% of creators in Web3 being females, what barriers do they experience when entering the space? And how can we overcome them?

⭐️ [To Lisa] Who are the main innovators in the NFT space?

⭐️ [To Katherine] What do you look for when investing in NFTs and what should people be aware of?

There were also some incredible questions from the audience asked at the end of the discussion 💜

Let us know what you thought of today’s podcast episode - we’d love to hear your feedback.

With love

Georgie and Pam


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With love,

Georgie and Pam x

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