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Building an NFT Business in Web3 - Fity.Eth Founder Apocalyptic Apes

Building an NFT Business in Web3 - Fity.Eth Founder Apocalyptic Apes

A community is where you know someone in person, what they do, their family. There are people who have 200,000 followers, that's not a community, they're followers.

In no business have you heard of people buying high and selling higher, it doesn’t make sense. If someone is coming into Web3 now right now, I would tell them one thing. Join a community, listen, pay attention and stop being selfish.

We smiled throughout this entire conversation! No joke, we had to drag this man off a Twitter Space to ensure he arrived on time for our podcast. (this is where you’ll often find him).

We have so much respect for everything, Fity.Eth has achieved in the Web3 space and continues to build; he is a true inspiration.

If you get a chance, check out the videos because we spend the whole podcast speaking to an Ape (very Web3).

👋 Introducing Fity.Eth

Fity.eth is an NFT enthusiast and the creator of Apocalyptic Apes, an NFT art collection known for its dynamic community. The founder and community behind Apocalyptic Apes contribute to global impact. Apocalyptic Apes is one of the first original derivative NFTs to achieve blue-chip status in less than three months and has a trading volume of over 9K in Ethereum ($15,000,000+).

The Apocalyptic Apes’ mission is to nurture a Web3-savvy community that is strong and aligned with the vision to not only benefit financially as a team but to partner with forward-thinking businesses and projects for the greater good of planet earth.

Apocalyptic Apes have partnered with United Sauces to release a hot sauce collection.

🎙 In today’s podcast

💜 What drives Fity every day

💜 What NFTs is Fity buying right now? It’s not a bear market; it’s a buyer’s market.

💜 Why has Fity decided to launch a Hot Sauce and partner with United Sauces?

🗝 Key questions asked:

⭐️ What advice would you have to people entering the Web3 space?

⭐️ How has Fity gone about brokering business deals?

⭐️ How has Fity developed the mindset to get him to where he is today?

⭐️ What does a typical day for Fity look like?

There were so many incredible moments from this week’s episode.

We’d love to hear your biggest takeaway - be sure to tag us in your social posts.

With love

Georgie and Pam x

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