Nov 8, 2022 • 40M

Building your brand in Web3 - Olga Bubnova, CMO, Founder B.gain

When I started producing content I was scared of putting (my work) out there because I didn’t have the confidence...

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When I started producing content I was scared of putting (my work) out there because I didn’t have the confidence inside of me. It wasn’t bad, it was my own confidence that got in my way.

Today we sat down with Olga Bubnova to talk about marketing, building confidence, and the opportunities that grow from building a personal brand in Web3.

👋 Introducing Olga Bubnova

Olga is the CEO and Founder of B.gain. A brand management and marketing agency focused on creating and executing brand & marketing strategies, communication plans & engagement programs for the tech industry.

Olga has been in marketing, client and stakeholder engagement roles in various Australian and international businesses since 2008. She is passionate about communications, branding and content creation.

Working with ICT professionals, managing tech conferences, writing about the ICT industry, and building brand awareness with other sectors daily led her to the world of entrepreneurship, where she actively uses her diverse and extensive experience to help others succeed.

Olga’s passion for emerging technology led her to discover blockchain technology, and she is excited about where

🎙 In today’s podcast

💜 Having the confidence to develop a personal brand

💜 The opportunities that have grown from consistently showing up on social media

💜 Is Web2 and Web3 marketing any different?

🗝 Key questions asked:

⭐️ How are you advising companies with their web3 strategies?

⭐️ When discovering and learning about blockchain technology, when did the “penny drop” for you?

⭐️ What key steps businesses and brands should follow when building their companies or personal brands in the web3 space?

⭐️ How should people begin building a personal brand in web3?


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