Nov 29, 2022 • 55M

100 Days of Crypto - Jordan Franklin aka The Happy Spender, Founder of Dear Crypto

It gets pretty exhausting trying to be someone that you’re not, so you might as well lean in to the person that you are…

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It gets pretty exhausting trying to be someone that you’re not, so you might as well lean into the person that you are…

Georgie and Pam first met Jordan Franklin at the Australian Crypto Convention in the Gold Coast, and her energy and passion for the web3 space is infectious.

We thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and could have sat down and spoken with Jordan all day.

After listening to this, we hope you’ll feel inspired, uplifted and more curious about web3 and crypto.

👋 Introducing Jordan Franklin

Jordan Franklin is the incredible Sister behind @the_happyspender on TikTok and Instagram. Her foray into web3 started with a 100-day learning journey on cryptocurrency, which she shared on TikTok. Before then, she knew nothing about cryptocurrency and quit her corporate job to continue learning, sharing and building a community full-time. Her passion is translating complex stuff into plain English.

Jordan and co-Founder Samantha Smith are developing an ed-tech platform called Dear Crypto. Their vision is for Dear Crypto to become the most inclusive, approachable and empowering educational community in web3.

It's early days for Dear Crypto as they build a Minimum Viable Product under the mentorship of Blackbird VC, where they are entrepreneurs in residence under the Giants Cohort 5 program.

Jordan is passionate about education, start-up culture, community building, and maximising your Odyssey Years to find the thing that gives you drive and purpose.

🎙 In today’s podcast

💜 Why Jordan quit her full-time corporate job

💜 Backing yourself 100%

💜 The importance of having a support network around you and a strong community

🗝 Key questions asked:

⭐️ Where did Jordan go to find her information when learning crypto over the 100 days?

⭐️ What was the catalyst and driver behind taking the step into the entrepreneurial journey?

⭐️ What does self-care look like to you, especially at the start of your business journey?

We’d love to hear your biggest takeaway - be sure to tag us in your social posts.

With love

Georgie and Pam x

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