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Get hired in Web3 and Tech Now - Georgie Hubbard & Pam Caldwell. Founders of Sisterhood Club and CH Talent Solutions

Get hired in Web3 and Tech Now - Georgie Hubbard & Pam Caldwell. Founders of Sisterhood Club and CH Talent Solutions

From over a decade of recruiting in IT and Digital, Georgie and Pam share their incredible knowledge and expertise on how to get hired in Web3 and why now is the time, especially if you are female.

I don’t want to be in a position in 16 years time having the same conversations around “how can we get more women into tech? It has to start now.

Inspired by our mornings twitter space, and after receiving some beautiful feedback, we (Pam and Georgie) wanted to jump onto the podcast to share all of our thoughts and insights here too on getting hired in web3 and technology.

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👋 Introducing Georgie Hubbard and Pam Caldwell

Georgie grew up in the UK in the city of Oxford with her parents and younger brother. Being surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs, she always knew she would start a business one day. Georgie was grateful to witness from an early age what determination, drive and ambition can achieve.

At 19, Georgie left home and flew to Greece to live and work, running a day spa for a popular UK travel company. A year on, Georgie got offered the opportunity to move to France with the same company and establish their day spa in the French Alps.

However, from a young age, Australia had always appealed to Georgie and at 23, she packed a rucksack and moved to the other side of the world to start the next chapter of her life. Georgie was ready for a career change, so I applied for a recruitment position at a well-established IT recruitment firm. Combining her sales and relationship-building skills, Georgie soon began to build an incredibly successful desk. With dreams of owning her own company still in mind, she decided the time was right to make that dream a reality and in 2018, started CH Solutions with her best friend and colleague, Pam Caldwell. Georgie currently has a team of 8, over 50 clients and have grown the business to over seven figures.

Georgie has witnessed first-hand the gender gap that exists in technology and is incredibly passionate to create systemic change starting with the impact of Sisterhood Club.

For Pam, life began in Glasgow, Scotland, where she started work at age 15, driven by an outstanding work ethic encouraged by her parents. She performed well at school and moved on to University, where she secured her Bachelor's Degree in History and Sociology. Post-uni life she accepted a position with a fantastic company, SThree, and landed her entry into the world of IT recruitment. Pam started as a rookie, moving on through the ranks to become a successful Senior Team Leader of 7 Consultants (the only female TL across nine offices in the UK at the time), where she coached 2 rookies through to become the 'top billers' across the UK business, whilst continuing to be a 'top biller' herself.

Pam moved to Australia in 2014 with a suitcase in hand, thinking she’d only be a year, but she’s never looked back since.

After working as a Recruitment Consultant in Australia, in 2018, Pam started CH Solutions. CH is a female-led tech and digital recruitment firm with a focus on growing trusted partnerships with its clients to deliver exceptional talent and expertise across the full talent management lifecycle. Pam operates with honesty and integrity at every turn and attributes these core values to the success and solid reputation I have established in the market.

Female empowerment, representation and encouraging women to push the boundaries in their own lives and not only find but use their voice, is something Pam has always been passionate about. Pam sees huge potential for women by entry into the world of Web 3.0 and through Sisterhood Club she’s driven to create a brand that represents innovation and contributes to pushing the envelope of what is achievable in this ever-evolving space.

🎙 In today’s podcast

💜 Why you don’t have to be a “coder” to have a position in tech

💜 Why the bear market is the best time to enter Web3

💜 What are transferable skills? And why you don’t need to tick all of the boxes in a job description

💜 The importance of EQ > IQ

💜 Why we DON’T have to take a step back to take a step forward in our career.

We’d love to hear what you thought of today’s podcast. Be sure to join our Discord community to let us know what you thought.

Talk to you soon,

Georgie and Pam x


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With love,

Georgie and Pam x

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Sisterhood Club Podcast
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