Aug 2, 2022 • 48M

Raising the next generation as conscious parents - Erika Elmuts, Naturopath, Speaker, Writer and Educator

Pam’s back! Having just given birth to a beautiful baby girl Skye she couldn’t miss this episode with Erika Elmuts talking about all things Conscious Parenting.

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Pam’s back! Having just given birth to a beautiful baby girl Skye she couldn’t miss this episode with Erika Elmuts talking about all things Conscious Parenting.

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👋 Introduction to Erika

Erika Elmut’s passion is awakening souls to the magic of who they are, what they are here to do and to live the life they were designed to live.

Erika is one of our Educators on the Sisterhood School platform (learn more here) and is the creator of the parenting program; Cultivating Conscious Children: A revolutionary approach to bully-proofing your young children.

Erika is a regularly featured parenting expert in print, television and radio, including The New York Times, San Diego News 6, Fox 5, NBC’s Today Show, The Ricki Lake show, Entertainment Tonight and The Insider.

Her awakening began when she experienced healing of an "incurable" disease, which ignited a passion for sharing with others the incredible possibilities of the human body to heal itself through physical, emotional and spiritual practices.

Erika's unique gift allows her to introduce these principles to many people by embracing a balanced blend of clinical, scientific, and intimate understanding of universal laws, and energy and consciousness practices techniques.

Erika has spent recent years travelling the globe, speaking to audiences of thousands about health, science, and research.

🎙 In today’s podcast

We were joined by our newest member of the Sisterhood Club, baby Skye (you might hear a couple of gargles and gurgles.)

And whether you’re a parent of babies, young children, or teenagers or even want to learn more about your upbringing, this podcast is for you.

Some of what we learned;

👉 How can we raise the next generation as conscious humans

👉 Tips to help us to tap more into our intuition.

👉 Seeing our children as our biggest learning opportunities

👉 Leaning more into our feminine

👉 How children from 0-7 live in the adult equivalent of the dream state

🗝 Key questions asked on today’s podcast:

💜 What is conscious parenting?

💜 How, as parents, can we identify our triggers and find ways to create better habits around our response?

💜 With the recent lockdowns worldwide, it's been a tricky time for kids to navigate; what are your thoughts around this?

💜 Knowing children are impacted by their parents the most between the ages of 0-7. What can parents do to heal any relationship with their child or make it stronger?

💜 If we identify trauma and dis-ease starting to manifest in our bodies, what can people do?

💜 What can we do as females to trust our intuition more and lean into our femininity?

We hope you love today’s podcast as much as we did 🙏🏻


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