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Empowering artists and brands through NFT technology - Tiah Monahan, Managing Director, Mint St.

Empowering artists and brands through NFT technology - Tiah Monahan, Managing Director, Mint St.

I’d go to meetings where there would be 40 sitting around the table and I was the only female - the way I was treated… (far out) I look back now and think it was quite shocking but I learned and grew through that process.

Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tiah Monahan. Tiah is the Managing Director of Mint St, helping to empower artists and brands through the power of NFT technology.

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👋 Introducing Tiah Monahan

Tiah is an executive with 14 years of experience creating strategies and structures to enable large teams to deliver major programs across the Tech, Energy & Infrastructure domains.

She’s an enthusiastic and proficient operator who can cut through the noise and guide stakeholders through an efficient process to achieve their desired outcomes.

Tiah takes pride in building a positive & high-performing culture and being a safe pair of hands to take on high-profile and urgent initiatives that need to be executed rapidly.

Passionate about mentoring and coaching, she helps those in minority cohorts to excel in their chosen field.

Tiah is currently working in the Web3 space as the Managing Director of Mint St and mentoring those looking to transition to Web3.

She proudly launched the first Victorian Aboriginal Energy Program in 2020, enabling Traditional Owners to self-determine their renewable energy plans and projects.

🎙 In today’s podcast

💜 The power of mentoring in building self-belief and confidence

💜 Don’t be afraid to DM and ask for advice

💜 How NFTs are giving power back to brands and artists

💜 The standout NFT projects aiming to build a more inclusive web3.

🗝 Key questions asked:

⭐️ When did you feel it was the right time to transition from web2 to web3?

⭐️ What is Mint St? How do you plan to help artists and brands with their web3 strategy?

⭐️ What advice would you give to females curious about the web3 space but nervous about getting involved?

I really enjoyed my conversation on the Sisterhood Club podcast with Tiah today - I’d love to know your biggest takeaway moment 💜

Georgie x


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