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Why Women Need to Enter the World of Web3, Now - Liza Boston, Web3 Venture Investor

Why Women Need to Enter the World of Web3, Now - Liza Boston, Web3 Venture Investor

"(Technology has) been such a bro club the last 15 years, and even more so now, so it's refreshing to see young women like yourself coming into this space. The cost of not doing so is greater than that of doing so. Let's talk about how exciting it is for women right now (to get into the Web3, Metaverse and NFT space)"

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Today it was an absolute privilege to sit down with Liza Boston, a Web 3.0 Venture Investor, Metaverse Entrepreneur, NFT Artist and Poet.


We discussed the importance of why we need to encourage more women to enter the world of web3 and how she feels just as passionate and energised as she did at the beginning of Web 2.0


Here is a snapshot of what we spoke about in today's episode: 


  • How can we encourage more young women into the world of technology.

  • Why do women only see 2% of VC money?

  • What did Liza learn from rubbing shoulders with many of the tech leaders of Web2? Including Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

  • How does Liza explain the Metaverse, Web3 and NFTs to newbies?

  • Why do all businesses need to be thinking about a Web 3.0 strategy?

  • How we have to work together and co-create this new world of web 3.0 


Liza is an early stage, women-led VC Angel investor passionate about Web 3.0, NFT, DAO, Crypto, VR, XR, AI and gaming projects. Liza is also an artist, poet, film-maker, storyteller, and passionate advocate for the creator economy. There has been no greater time in the history of the world to make more Art: art-making is a subversive political process; it is urgent and high on Liza’s global agenda. Liza has designed, founded, led and scaled high-tech, hi-growth companies and creative projects in Australia, the UK, the USA and the North Pole, where she also swam with a Walrus. Liza is an innovation junkie and has her own suite of global technology patents, original songs and live performances. Liza toured the world as the founder, CEO and Chairman of a revolutionary live music platform (Soundhalo), launched in London with a suite of top50 bands and broadcast live to 196 countries in real-time, from patent beta concept and spearheading a disruptive global operation to the delight of shareholders, fans, top 50 artists, labels, telco giants and consumer brand partners.




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