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Why we can't ignore Instagram bringing NFTs to their platform - Casey Iola - Business and Instagram Coach

Why we can't ignore Instagram bringing NFTs to their platform - Casey Iola - Business and Instagram Coach

Casey Iola is a Business, Instagram Coach and one of our incredible educators on the Sisterhood School.


Her course Instagram for Business Academy has helped small business owners set themselves location and financially free by building an online income using Instagram.


On today's episode of the Sisterhood Club NFT podcast, we discussed:


  • How Casey originally got into coaching and what holds women back from pursuing their dreams.

  • How Casey's life has changed since starting an online business

  • How Casey's course has impacted both Georgie and Pam already.

  • What interested Casey about being a part of the Sisterhood Club

  • Instagram's announcement of launching NFTs


💜About Casey💜



Before the start of 2020, Casey was working on cruise ships, travelling the world, and having a ball!



And then, the pandemic hit, and she had to return to Australia jobless and broke.



The idea of getting sucked back into a 9-5 job and not being able to travel terrified her! Casey knew she had to build a business online to have the freedom to go where she wanted, whenever she wanted, once it was safe to do so, of course. 



So, during the lockdown, Casey spent hundreds of hours, and she means hundreds, learning everything she could about online businesses and how to use social media to grow a business online.



Not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars Casey spent on coaching, courses, personal development and sales training.



After months of learning, trial and error, successes, failures, tears and celebrations, she built my coaching business from the ground to 6 figures using only one platform...Instagram!



Eight months after starting her business, Casey bought and built my dream Mercedes van and spent the next few months travelling Australia in my home on wheels!



Two years in and she travels and lives between California, USA and Australia while teaching other businesses owners how to build their thriving businesses on Instagram 



Casey has put together this Instagram For Business Academy to share everything she has learned on Instagram to save you time, a huge learning curve, a lot of stress & confusion, and to help you fast track your results to hit your goals, whatever they may be.



And to mention again, we are incredibly fortunate that Casey's course is a part of the Sisterhood School.



By owning a Sister NFT, you will also access Casey's course.



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