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Personal Finance and the Future of Money - Lacey Filipich, Director Money School

Personal Finance and the Future of Money - Lacey Filipich, Director Money School

Lacey Filipich helps people become financially independent and reclaim their lives. 


Thousands worldwide have used my Money School courses to liberate themselves from debt, start saving and investing, and raise financially capable kids. We are incredibly excited to announce that Money School courses will be included in the Sisterhood School.


Money School is also the title of Lacey's non-fiction book, out with Penguin Life. 


Lacey graduated as valedictorian from The University of Queensland with an Honours degree in Chemical Engineering. If you want to find out how a chemical engineer ends up teaching people about money, be sure also to check out her TED Talk


Lacey is also the winner of a 2019 Business News '40 under 40' Award.


Having financial independence makes Lacey "time rich" so that she now chooses how she spends her time. We are grateful to be speaking with her today.


Here is a part of what we discussed and asked Lacey today:


  • How both of Lacey's parents were role models when it came to her finances 

  • How can people be aware of the marketing and ensure we make the right decisions to move us forward and not get stuck or even fall into debt?

  • How can financial stress play a crucial role in our IQ resulting in worse career and relationship choices?


"When we feel poor, we make bad decisions, and often those decisions keep us poor."


  • What is a "mini-retirement" and what it can mean for young people."

  • How do people begin the plan of starting a mini-retirement?

  • What is your hope for the women going through Money School as a part of the Sisterhood Club?

  • What are the three rules of Money School, and how are all the rules included within the Sisterhood School?

  • Why we shouldn't be ignoring Cryptocurrency and the power of Blockchain technology.





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