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Innovation and the future of Web3 - Katherine Boiciuc, Technologist. Futurist. Imagineer.

Innovation and the future of Web3 - Katherine Boiciuc, Technologist. Futurist. Imagineer.

In another 5 years we’re still going to be at the dial-up internet stage of web3, so there’s a lot of innovation, ideas and failure (to come)

In another 5 years we’re still going to be at the dial-up internet stage of web3, so there’s a lot of innovation, ideas and failure (to come)

In this week’s episode, Pam and Georgie sat down with the incredible Katherine Boiciuc, to discuss female leadership, innovation and the future of web3.

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👋 Introducing Katerine Boiciuc

Katherine is a global leader with extensive experience in the technology and emerging growth industries. Experienced across Consumer, Small Business and Enterprise sectors, Katherine holds influential roles focused on change that matters, ignition of leaders with ambitious agendas, global impact, and world technology enablement. Experienced NFT and Metaverse Advisor.

Katherine joined Maximus after 19 years at Telstra where her team, across 20 countries, delivered services such as risk and compliance, strategic execution, productivity governance, CX strategy and NPS measurement, and digital enablement including deployment of Tableau, Salesforce and Einstein.

Katherine is CTO and Director at Maximus, focusing on supporting leaders to adapt and grow through embracing disruption, experimentation with new technology and ensuring new ways of leading are embedded in daily practice. She enjoys enabling leaders and their teams to be future-ready and thrive amongst the ever-increasing complexity of change that leaders face.

She is an experienced keynote speaker with advocacy for diversity and inclusion, women in Web 3.0/Tech/Data and the future of work.

Katherine enjoys giving back to organisations that leave the world a better place. She is Non-Executive Director at Infoexchange, BHI and Knoxbrooke.

Katherine is also the director of Apocalyptic Queen Apes. An NFT project creating social impact through art, music, staking and tokenomics.

🎙 In today’s podcast

💜 How Israel failed moon landing was one of the big successes for the country.

💜 The 3 traits founders possess to create successful businesses.

💜 We onboard an average of half and million to a million people every month into web3. A year ago it was 250,000, and the year prior it was 50,000 a month. The growth is exponential.

💜 Adopting a partnership model with Web3 companies.

🗝 Key questions asked:

⭐️ What does it take to be an entrepreneur and what would be your advice to people who have an idea but are too scared or don’t know where to start?

⭐️ How can Web3 disrupt industries and enhance businesses?

⭐️ How can work towards a more diverse and inclusive space in web3?

⭐️ What should projects be doing to stand out in the web3 market?

⭐️ What is the future of Web3, one, two, or five years from now?

“Ubunto - Together we are one

Wow - what a conversation!

We both left feeling inspired and excited for the future of Web3 and what the Sisterhood Club is going to be - together we are one.

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Until next time,

Georgie and Pam x

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