Jun 21, 2022 • 31M

From the CIA to Stand-Up Comedian - Jessica Brodkin, Founder of Mystical Muses

"We are at the ground level. NFTs are opening doors for creators and artists to innovate. It has been phenomenal to see."

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Jessica Brodkin is the co-founder and creative director of the Mystical Muses NFT project. She is an MIT and Johns Hopkins graduate who worked at the CIA for eleven years before becoming a stand-up comedian and reiki healer in New York City. Her work has been featured in the NYPost, CNBC, SiriusXM, AMC, and TruTV.

In today's episode, we discussed what Web3 would do for the content creators and how to be early in the revolution before it cascades.

"We are at the ground level. NFTs are opening doors for creators and artists to innovate. It has been phenomenal to see."

We also mentioned some of the greater possibilities of NFTs to solve the world's problems. For example, every Mystical Muses NFT sold removes .2 tons of carbon from our atmosphere with the help of Nori, a carbon removal marketplace.

Jessica believes NFTs have many use cases, including ownership, membership, music and beyond just physical art. 

We all agree that we want to see as many women grabbing seats at the table to create a web3 that is safe.

Jessica believes that some of the barriers to entry are:

👉 Systemic

👉 Having the confidence to ask!

We hope you enjoy today's episode and check out a couple of resources mentioned:

[📚 Book] Spirit hacking - Shaman Durek

[🌠 NFT Marketplace] https://nori.com/ - Carbon removal marketplace


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