May 3, 2022 • 41M

From growing up in a war zone to growing a multi-million dollar business - Rania Awad, CEO Digital Smoothie

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Rania Awad is a mother, wife, founder, and successful entrepreneur.


Rania spent her first 11 years in a war zone in Lebanon in survival mode.


When the moment to leave arrived, she flew to Sydney. Landing in Australia, she couldn't believe it. 


The first thought in her mind was, "gosh, tonight I'm just going to sleep, and I'm not going to be woken up by the sounds of bullets or bombs."


The early years were formative for Rania, and she developed an attitude of "what is the worst that could happen?"


Taking risks and dreaming big was something that didn't scare her.


At the age of 24, she started a Pharmacy and grew it into a well-respected multi-million dollar business.


She created one of the first-ever online pharmacies heading down the exciting e-commerce, technology, and digital path.


That business was acquired by Pharmacy-4-less, which she helped to take into the UK, US and China Markets, growing the company from zero to 16 million in 3 years.


Rania is now the CEO and founder of Digital Smoothie, a group of passionate creators and problem solvers in marketing, design, process optimisation, plus much more.


There are many great takeaways from today's conversation, and we know you will love it!



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