Jun 28, 2022 • 44M

DAO's and Diversity - Dajana Eder, Founder of Wom3n.DAO a female web3 network

"If you aren't visible, you won't be represented. If you aren't represented you do not exist."

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Sisterhood Club
Welcome to the Sisterhood Club podcast, where we talk all things business, Web3 and NFTs. We're on a mission to educate, elevate and empower women into the world of Web3. Join us on this journey as we learn together from leading experts. This podcast is for entertainment purposes only, so please do your own research.
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"A lack of visibility of women, non-binary, BIPOC or LGBTQIA+ people leads to a reproduction of internalised discrimination. If you aren't visible, you won't be represented. If you aren't represented, you do not exist."

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Dajana has transitions from a web2 communication specialist to "I'm willing to learn everything I need to know to create an inclusive web3".

She highly believes in the shift from brand to community, ultimately building to ownership culture and decentralisation of data.

Before Web3, Dajana was in the Motor industry, where she experienced sexism every day, even though she didn’t have a word for it providing her with the fuel and passion to create change today!

Dajana, like all of us, started by not understanding what blockchain means. But the more she learned, the more she realised we could create real equality.

"Don't worry about this bear market because I'm a true believer that women will be the next bull market."

Dajana has seen a huge shift in women starting to connect, “It's not the lure of money but a chance to change something; In Web3 we don't have these elbow techniques.”

Like most early females into Web3, Dajana wasn’t a pleasant one.

“I had these experiences in Discord where men told me that I'm in the wrong place and that I should go back to playing Barbies and cooking in the kitchen. No one would help answer my “stupid questions.”

However, our conversation with Dajana was an enjoyable one. We spoke about:

💜 What is a DOA

💜 How Dajana is bringing more Women into Web3 through her educational content

💜 The issues in diversity - not just in Web3.

💜 How blockchain can change the future.

💜 What does “ownership culture” mean?

Plus a whole lot more.

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did.

Georgie and Pam x


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