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Is now the best time to jump into Web3? - Bec Smouha, SuperBabes NFT

Is now the best time to jump into Web3? - Bec Smouha, SuperBabes NFT

“Web2 is what can I get, web3 is what can I give and although we are in a bear market, now is the best time to be jumping in"

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One of the leading female voices in the space is Bec Smouha, an entrepreneur and founder of SuperBabesNFT club, a crypto-centred community made by women for women, based in Sydney, Australia. After initially having no interest in investing, Bec’s boyfriend introduced her to the world of crypto and unlocked an entirely new world of opportunity. Now, Bec believes it's her duty to help empower and "gently guide" other women into the space.

Coming from a background in journalism and fashion, Bec transitioned into understanding the blockchain after seeing the power it can have on the transparency throughout the clothing supply chain.

Bec understands the benefits of getting into (the web3) space early - "it's an empowering place. Once you get here, you're inspired to be the best version of yourself."

“Web2 is what can I get, web3 is what can I give”

This was a common theme and what drove the idea of SuperBabes NFT Club. "For someone who loves giving, that's what brings me joy and to see people become the best version of themselves."

Bec likes to do things called "getting out of your comfort zone" and believes that's where we can reach our true potential because that's where all of the great things have happened for her.

"Although we are in a bear market, now is the best time to jump in."

We couldn't agree more. We hope you enjoy today's episode.

Here are a few questions and topics we spoke about:

7:50 - What are the main goals of Superbabes and the main ways you're looking to give back?

12:45 - How are you overcoming obstacles to help more women enter Web3?

15:30 - Can you explain the importance of digital ownership and why we can't just screenshot a jpeg?

18:30 - What would you say to any females sitting on the fence regarding web3, investing, and NFTs?

25:05 - Have you got a favourite project you have invested in that you love the utility behind.

29:00 - How do you look after your health with everything you have going on in Web3?


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