Sep 20, 2022 • 28M

Aus Crypto Con Recap & Our Upcoming Mint - Georgie Hubbard & Pam Caldwell, Founders Sisterhood Club

Web3 is going to become so entrenched in our lives, we’re going to be using it without even realising…

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Sisterhood Club
Welcome to the Sisterhood Club podcast, where we talk all things business, Web3 and NFTs. We're on a mission to educate, elevate and empower women into the world of Web3. Join us on this journey as we learn together from leading experts. This podcast is for entertainment purposes only, so please do your own research.
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Web3 is going to become so entrenched in our lives, we’re going to be using it without even realising…

We are fresh off the back of an incredible weekend at the Australian Crypto Convention on the Gold Coast, and today we thought we would jump on to discuss our key takeaways from the event and ensure everyone is prepared for our upcoming mint on Friday (23rd September, 6am AEST).

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🎙 In today’s podcast

💜 How are we going to create a more inclusive and diverse web3?

💜 We cannot be what we cannot see & If you can’t see it, BE IT.

💜 What does Community driven personal growth look like?

💜 How we’ll all be using “Web3” without realising it.

PLUS - An extraordinary guest gives all of our Sisterhood Club listeners a very special message. Can you guess who it is?


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Until next time,

Georgie and Pam x