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Sisterhood Club job board, Sisterhood Club University plus win tickets to the Australian Crypto Conference next week. It was all happening on this…
Evolution is coming. Be a part of the revolution.
With being 7 weeks away from minting (officially launching the Sisterhood Club), Georgie and Pam wanted to jump into the Sisterhood Club Discord to get…
Australians alone lost a record $2 BILLION to scams last year and NFTs weren’t the ones to blame.
Think of your Web3 wallet like your Web2 email address. To interact with all Web3 applications you will need to set up a Web3 wallet.
Be one of the first. By ensuring you're on the GG list you will be guaranteed a Sister NFT at the time of mint.
Sisterhood Club was created to educate, elevate and empower women with all the tools they need to design a life they love.
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