Think of your Web3 wallet like your Web2 email address. To interact with all Web3 applications you will need to set up a Web3 wallet.
How Web3 and NFTs are creating real-world value - Amy Shoenthal - Marketing and Journalist Executive. Contributor to Forbes Women.Listen now (46 min) | When there is a setback, personally, or in society, the way women come together to create solutions is phenomenal, and we’re…
Wellness in Web3 - Shira Lazar Emmy Nominated Host, Web3 advocate and advisor.Listen now (48 min) | NFTs and Web3 is a way for us to build industries and business models, but what we are speaking about is the glue.
Get hired in Web3 and Tech Now - Georgie Hubbard & Pam Caldwell. Founders of Sisterhood Club and CH Talent SolutionsListen now (36 min) | From over a decade of recruiting in IT and Digital, Georgie and Pam share their incredible knowledge and expertise on how to get…
Sisterhood Club was created to educate, elevate and empower women with all the tools they need to design a life they love.
Building your brand in Web3 - Olga Bubnova, CMO, Founder B.gainListen now (40 min) | When I started producing content I was scared of putting (my work) out there because I didn’t have the confidence...
Women in Web3 Panel with Katherine Boiciuc STEM Queen, Lisa Teh and Liza Boston - Sisterhood SocialsListen now | I struggled early on (in my career) to look up and find women I aspired to be like. When I was (at the law firm) there were 40 partners and…
T’was the night before Mintmas… This was our final AMA live in our Discord before we open the doors to the Sisterhood Club.
With being 7 weeks away from minting (officially launching the Sisterhood Club), Georgie and Pam wanted to jump into the Sisterhood Club Discord to get…
Community Updates and AMA, Saturday 22nd October
We are excited to announce that people can now mint a Sister NFT straight from their mobile devices.
What it takes to be a female founder in Web3 - Bec Jones CEO Clutch WalletListen now (51 min) | 1.7billion people in the world still do not have access to a proper bank account and women make up a big portion of that.