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First Look - BTS Sisterhood School

Georgie takes us through a first look behind the scenes of the Sisterhood School.

Sisterhood Club founder Georgie Hubbard takes us through a first look behind the scenes of the Sisterhood School.

At the Sisterhood Club, we have partnered with some incredible course creators who are experts in their respective fields.

To access the Sisterhood School and all its courses, you must own one of the Sisterhood Club “Sister NFTs”. (more than just a PFP)

Enrolment Opens

On Friday, 23rd September, 6:00 AEST (Thurs 22nd 20:00 UTC), Sisterhood Club is opening enrolment to those on our Golden Goddess (presale/allow list) to the school.

Anyone on the presale list who wishes to mint a Sister can do so from our official website -


Being on the presale list also unlocks our early access price of 0.1 ETH* + gas - 33% off the public price of 0.15 ETH.

Our contract is utilising the ERC-721a standard, meaning if you wish to mint greater than 1 Sister NFT, it will keep the cost down.

*At the time of writing this article, that’s only $134USD or $200AUD

Anyone on the Golden Goddess list can mint up to 5 Sister NFTs per wallet.

The Golden Goddess List (presale/allowlist):

By joining the GG list, you’ll receive a 33% discount on our public mint price, plus anyone who mints a Sister in the first 24 hours will have the opportunity to win one of our 1/1 Goddesses (picture below).

At the end of 24 hours, one wallet address will be chosen randomly to be airdropped the Goddess - the more NFTs you mint, the more chances you will have of winning. i.e. Minting 5 Sisters = 5 entries.

Are you ready to join the…

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Golden Goddess List

Sisterhood Club
Sisterhood Club
Sisterhood Club